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What our guests say

  • Unfassbar schöne Location am Strand, herzliche Menschen, tolles Ambiente und leckere Speisen & Getränke.

  • All in all, the best time I've had on vacation ever!

  • Hier kann man einfach mal die Seele baumeln lassen. Uns hat es sehr gut gefallen

  • It's the best place on the entire Ostsee coast to enjoy the food, the sunset, the sea, the beach and the best service experienced in Germany so far!


Food & Drinks

Exquisite cocktails and delicious dining

In addition to being generous to the naked eye, the Deck Beach Club is also delightful to another of the five human senses – taste. Without such a wonderful sense, one wouldn’t be able to indulge themselves in the exquisitely made cocktails and irresistible Mediterranean, European, Asian & South American cuisine on offer.

From an appetiser serving of Dumplings freshly steamed right in the basket or a sensational sharing plate of the Mediterranean Seafood Feast to your Deck Classics of succulent steaks and sizzling Prawns in a clay pot, Deck Beach Club Heiligendamm has you covered. Oh… and don’t forget to down one or 10 shots of Deck's home made peach schnapps.

Beach & Sunset

Spectacular Baltic Beach & Sunset • Beach Boxes • Direct Beach Access

Not many in the world quite compare to that of the Baltic sunset with its remarkable array of colors & textures. When it comes to sunset spots in the region, one couldn’t think of one much more perfect than that of the Deck Beach Club Heiligendamm.

Breathtaking, beautiful and quite arguably one of the most splendid sights when it kisses the crystal clear waters of the Baltic Sea, this scintillating sunset always creates a picture worth a thousand words… the dream backdrop for any magical occasion on the German riviera.

Beach Boxes: are available for rent directly on the Beach of the Deck Beach Club - one doesn't come to the Baltic Sea without trying out the German iconic Beach Box (Strandkorb). Imagine sipping a frozen cocktail with your toes meters from the water while viewing the spectacular Baltic sunset with your loved one... what can be more romantic.

As the Deck Beach Club is directly located on the cliff line of the Baltic Coast, the Deck Beach Club is uniquely situated with direct beach access, making it one of the most exclusive locations in the region with absolutely no neighbours.


Beach Parties, Sunset Celebrations, Lifestyle Events

Famous for hosting the most memorable beach parties & sunset celebrations in the region, the Deck Beach Club, Heiligendamm, also has proven to be a favorite for club nights as well as Chilled Sunday lifestyle events.

Providing the soundtrack to the daily sunsets however, is the beach club`s deep passion.

we couldn’t think of a better way to start your season than by heading to the Deck Beach Clubs opening party always early in June annually. In recent years, respected musical heavyweights have graced the famous and intimate decks overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Check out our Events:

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Private Events

Weddings • Birthdays • Company Events

With our restaurant, bar, professional service and prime beachfront location, the deck can answer all of your needs.  Be it tailor-made buffets, wine tastings, private birthday parties, company functions or a romantic dinner for two, the deck is more than prepared to accommodate.

Should you have any special requirements or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us & allow us to custom-design your dinning experience.

Chilling on the beach with your best mates

Looking to experience the Deck away from the crowd? Don’t worry; whilst the fine dining and heavenly cocktails simply add to the experience, some of us are happy grabbing a few bevies from the club’s forest bar and chilling on the rocks that pepper the beach with our best mates.

Whilst the rocks may not be the most comfortable set-up you’ll ever be seated upon, as long as the drinks are flowing, your mates are all smiles and you’re having the time of your life, that’s all that matters.


  • Hiking & Biking

    The internationally famous “bike & hike trail” passes right along the coastline offering many diverse experiences, such as – beautiful scenery, long bays, steep coasts, fresh breezes of the Baltic Sea & much more.

  • The Beach

    Especially during the summer months, beach lovers are perfectly accommodated. The long sandy beach invites for extensive sunbathing and refreshing cooling-downs in between.

  • Boat trips & Water Sports

    All along the beach a wide variety of water sport’s facilitators operate & offer a full range of water sport activities from; yachting to sailing on a private catamaran.

  • Horse Races

    In between Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm, you will find Germany’s oldest horse racetrack operating annually.

  • Molli tram

    The narrow-gauge steam railway is a historical tourist attraction that allows you to explore the area. As well it is a great way to travel between Bad Doberan, Heiligendam & Kühlungsborn – an outstanding experience at any time of the year.

  • Others

    Several museums and many more places of interest await you!

Café und Restaurant Deck Heiligendamm

The Deck Beach Club is located on Heiligendamm beach, a bikes ride from the main tourist area, between the five star Grand Hotel and the popular tourist sea resort Kühlungsborn. Underneath the majestic beech trees, the Deck Beach Club is a large entertainment complexe in the east sea region.

In the evenings it rivets with its extraordinary atmosphere coupled with top international cuisine. Due to its multi-functional concept, the Deck Beach Club advances to a unique event location and additionally offers the possibility to host individual company events as well as high class special events.

Part of the unique charm of the Deck Beach Club is its ability to transform itself depending on the hour of the day. From sun-up until sun-down it is the perfect beach club and is available for all to enjoy. If you are looking for a place to while away a few hours whilst soaking up sun. A delectable cocktail or delicious snack is only a wave of the hand away.

As the sun disappears behind Germany’s beautiful Baltic Sea, the Deck Beach Club transforms into a sophisticated dining setting serving eclectic food from our international kitchen. Whatever your taste may be, we believe we have the dish for you!

And just when you thought it was time to go home, on event nights, the Deck Beach Club once again reinvents itself as restaurant becomes bar and night club. Periodically throughout the year, the Deck Beach Club offers the best dance floor and the latest tunes on offer in the region.

This almost inconceivable combination of tranquil relaxed days, excellent dining experience and late night party capital makes the Deck Beach Club popular with customers of all ages and budgets.

Opening Hours



11 - 16 Uhr

1. - 15. Mai

11 - 17 Uhr

15. Mai - 15. Sept.

10 - 22 Uhr

15. - 30. Sept.

11 - 17 Uhr


11 - 16 Uhr Wetterbedingt!

November / Dezember / Januar

5./6.   12./13.   19./20. November von 11 - 16 Uhr Wetterbedingt!

FR 25.11. / 02.12. / 09.12. / 16.12.: 12-17 Uhr

SA 26.11. / 03.12. / 10.12. / 17.12.: 12-22 Uhr

SO 27.11. / 04.12. / 11.12. / 18.12.: 12- 17 Uhr

Über die Silvestertage täglich wetterbedingt!

27.12. / 28.12. / 29.12. / 30.12.: 12 - 17 Uhr

31.12.: 12-01 Uhr

01.01. / 02.01. / 03.01.: 12 - 17 Uhr

Januar - März

an den Wochenenden (SA / SO) 12-16 Uhr bei gutem Wetter



Am Kinderstrand 3
18209 Heiligendamm

+49 38203 63107



The exclusive seaside resort Heiligendamm is part of the town Bad Doberan in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is situated directly at the beachfront of the Baltic Sea. The town is also known as the ‘White Town by the Sea’ due to the white classicist buildings along the beach promenade.

In 1793, Heiligendamm - Germany’s oldest and most elegant seaside health resort - was found. The high nobility of Europe and later a lot of prominent guests used to spend their summer holidays here. Besides the unique location near the sea, this area always was favoured because of its climatic advantages such as humid & ‘dust-free’ air, low temperature fluctuations, the absence of high and low tides and its surrounding luscious beech forests.

Today the area by the sea is occupied by the five-star Grand Hotel.

In June 2007, the Grand Hotel hosted the 33rd summit of the G8 leaders and hence Heiligendamm got well-known internationally.

Bad Doberan

Situated just 6 km from the Baltic Sea, the town of Bad Doberan is nestled between beautiful beech tree forests. It is one of the earliest German settlements in the state of Mecklenburg. Classicist buildings characterize the centre of the town, however the most famous building in town is the cathedral, or rather minster.


The seaside resort Kühlungsborn is well known for its elegant promenade, its 6 km long beautiful sandy beach, its great water-quality & its marina. As well it is characterized by its many hotels in typical German spa town architecture and numerous restaurants & bars that invite to enjoy your holiday to the full.

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